Tuesday, 20 October 2015

what i am greatful for in 2015

This year 2015 I am grateful for going to the USA, getting milk in school and for participating in sports. I also want to achieve stage 6 in maths.

I am grateful for going to u.s.a I had loads of fun there. The places that i went to was Utah, St George, Logan, Las Vegas and LA. My Family and I were traveling for 4 hours 2 hours 6 hours and sometimes the whole day, but it was all worth it. My favourite city was Las Vegas. At Las Vegas there was one place I was preparing for the whole time i was there. People called it circus circus it has loads of places. there's shops buffets and the place that i wanted to go the most the adventuredome it has loads of roller coasters my two favorite one is the canyon blaster and Eloco the roller coasters go upside down spins around but the whole reason why i went was because of general conference and for a few birthdays including my birthday i even danced like cultural dancing.

I am also grateful for  participating in rugby league I was really happy when I heard the players for the league team. it was really fun i almost tried but then i got pushed but i still fun even my friends had fun thats what its all about.

I am grateful for the free milk daily milk is good for your bones and have calcium, iron  is healthy for you.

By the end of the i want to achieve level 6 in my maths the only reason i can do that is do studdy ladder, sunshine online and my homework


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