Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Oil Spill

After the Spill By Maria gill

In the morning 5 October 2011 a ship called Rena was crossing the ocean from Napier, New Zealand to Tauranga something happened it was an oil spill the boat sank it was under the water for 3 weeks.  

What happened next?
During the accident around Tauranga Bay. (Rena the Ship) Bow Crashed a the reef and all the oil spill out everywhere around the ship. Lots of Local people were left with lots of questions, (Would toxins in the oil affect marine life?). Scientists research the impacts on marine life to help local people find their answer.
What did the research team find ?
The scientist collected data thousands of samples  Of kaimoana.  There was a lot of Plankton and algae in the ocean going into the sea food. Scientists monitored the ocean to see if mussels were alright for humans to eat it.
Because the mussels are infected.

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