Monday, 15 June 2015

Balloon game

Balloon Game Recount
It was a foggy morning and as the sun passed by and shone on me, Mrs Raj announced that room 7 students were going to play a game with a Balloon. She gave us the instructions and soon afterwards we had to get going.

The boys went first and got into a tidy circle, meanwhile the girls were doing laps around the court.
Mrs Raj counted down, “3,2,1!” and threw the balloon into the air. When the balloon went in the air I heard all the boys giggling and yelling but eventually the balloon fell on the ground. Mrs Raj allowed us to have one more turn. The boys on the right of the circle rushed to hit the balloon back into the air but fell in the bush. It was so sore because the plants in the garden have sharp prickles. The balloon fell in the bush with them and I'm surprised it didn't pop. Then it was the girls turn, when they were playing the balloon popped. We had to go back to class and start writing about our experience playing that game.

I had so much fun playing that game, but at the same time I felt quite puffed out from running around the courts twice.

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  1. Great introduction trent. I like the hook in with the foggy morning adjective. Describing words make our writing much more interesting.