Friday, 12 June 2015

my long week end

On Friday at assembly Mrs Elia announced that on Monday is the queen's birthday and on Tuesday is teachers only day so then the students of glen brae got to have a four day weekend so in my weekend I went to my aunt's house for a visit before we went there we went to a bakery to get some food to take over to my aunt's house we got there then ate the food we ate potato chicken and do nuts it was delicious after that i went with my cousin outside and played on the trampoline it was delightful to play outside after that I went inside and played on my older cousins PlayStation 3 I played a cool game called assassins creed black flag  its about pirates going  on adventures and they also free run on walls then my mum said we are going i was sad  because that game was so awesome but then i went outside and said goodbye  to my aunt and my cousins and finally we got home at night next I went to sleep. It was the next day. I woke up. my mum had finished the cake for my brother's 8 Th birthday he was so happy to see the family with him. I had a idea for dinner to go to the city and have dinner there so then my mum said that does sound like a good idea she said after work when she comes she will take us to a restaurant in the city none of us knew which place was it but only my mum and dad knew where it was they just keeped it a surprise for my brother my two parents went to work and my brother and sisters and i stayed home and played outside for a really long time then my mum and dad finally got home from work we were so excited we all got ready into our best clothes we all got finished getting ready and then we hopped on the car and went to the city there was a lot of traffic on the road because it was raining and people wanted to go home from work it was taking for long but then we got there it was nice and cozy in there because there was a lot of cooking going on in the restaurant there was different countries of food there was mexico France china and others that i forgot about the meal that i had was a dish called chicken sliders it was delicious then my mum got us desert it was called custard pie and this other one it had sugar on top the sugar was hard so you had to break the sugar on top then a lady from the desert place kindly made a cake for my brother it was nice for her to make that cake for my brother we ate it so it was so yum to eat then we got all our stuff and went home and had a big sleep.

My weekend was pretty awesome i my favourite part in weekend was my brothers birthday.

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